The Story

The beginning and end of the universe, two dragons have existed in a long battle, divided by their very nature. The dragon of chaos and the dragon of creation, each of which refuse the co-existence of their other half. Wielding their powers of destruction, to bring ruin to their counterpart they call upon the powers of heroes from their respective ages to be summoned to this timeless war.

These ceaseless struggles between the lords of chaos and creation always torn by their intent of destroying the other, forever dividing the worlds as two. The world of life, where light brings forth color and the miracle of magic. The world of chaos, the progenitor of time and change itself.

Gameplay Features

  • A strategy card battler which allows you to build your deck of characters.
  • The ability to switch out your current unit for another unit in your hand provides an unfair advantage over the enemy that allows for interesting strategies and combos.
  • Unit archetypes allow for a complex array of strategies while maintaining an easy learning curve for new players.
  • The theme for the Bevy Game Jam is “Unfair Advantage”.


  • The game window will be specified at 320x180 resolution which will scale to any 16:9 resolution, the most common resolution scale factor.
  • Black-and-white: Half of the screen will be black and white, ie. opposite of the player side.
  • There will be an idle pose or animation, and a single attack animation per character.
  • Some characters require mana charges to use their attacks such as a caster.
  • There will be a “enmity cost” per stage that will limit the number of unit cards in your deck. This is to keep power-scaling in check where some units might have higher cost than others.

Unit Archetypes

  • Defense
  • Fast Attacker
  • Caster

Concept Art

fairfan concept art
Fairfan Aotha'fe Concept Art by Sable


Programmer - Septum, Inkoate, AzarmadR
Animation and character sprite Artist - cantbefantasy
Music - Notna, Bernaners
Voice Acting - Valindra
Director, Visual Designer and Writer - Sable


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Beautiful art! I'm not sure how to start, though...